Statement from Bea Bruske on Alberta’s decision to halt new sustainable energy projects

August 3, 2023

Bruske: Move to suspend approvals on new wind and solar projects is a setback we can’t afford.

“The Alberta government’s decision to slam the brakes on new sustainable energy projects is deeply frustrating. By halting wind and solar project approvals, Alberta is backsliding. Meanwhile in provinces across the country, governments of all stripes, including Conservative, are investing in sustainable energy and using federal renewable energy tax credits announced in Budget 2023 – money which Alberta is leaving on the table.”

“It is disheartening to learn that Alberta plans to bog down processes for the development of renewable energy generation, standing in the way of the workers and industries striving to build up our communities and potentially putting a chill on investment. Why should Albertans miss out on the opportunity to benefit from the sustainable energy boom as communities across Canada and around the world move to decarbonize their economies?”

“The short-sightedness of the Alberta government couldn’t come at a worse time; the pressing need for climate action is undeniable. People around the world are sweltering in record-breaking heat waves. And this year, thousands of Albertans have been displaced from their homes due to climate-fueled wildfires, sending a clear signal that we must act urgently to safeguard our communities. Investing in sustainable energy not only creates job opportunities for workers but also helps protect our communities from the devastating impacts of climate disasters.”

“It’s time to end the unnecessary politicization of climate action and instead prioritize the well-being of workers and their communities. We urge decision-makers to recognize that by holding back on sustainable energy projects, they risk leaving workers behind. With the rest of the world progressing toward a sustainable economy, it’s a setback we can’t afford.”

“Canada’s unions are committed to advocating for workers’ rights, well-being, and economic prosperity. We call on the Alberta government to take meaningful steps to support workers in accessing emerging opportunities in the sustainable economy.”


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